Wilco top seller at Twist and Shout

Wilco's latest effort, Wilco (the album), grabbed the top spot while Meese's Atlantic debut, Broadcast, nabbed the second slot at Twist & Shout for the week ending July 5. Three Michael Jackson albums were in the top ten and Regina Spektor's Far was knocked down to the seventh slot from number one last week. See the full breakdown after the jump.

Twist & Shout
Top Sellers 07.05.09

1.   Wilco - Wilco (the album)
2.   Meese - Broadcast
3.   Michael Jackson - Essential
4.   Michael Jackson - Thriller
5.   Levon Helm - Electric Dirt
6.   Michael Jackson - Off the Wall
7.   Regina Spektor - Far
8.   Sonic Youth - The Eternal
9.   Dinosaur Jr. - Farm
10. Bjork - Voltaic


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