William Shatner has a sci-fi themed social networking site

Social networking + Geeks + Internet. Not sure how no one has done that math until now, but the void has been filled. Oh has it been filled. Meet the newest social networking site on the block, backed by "Rocket Man" singer and all around rad dude William Shatner. It's called MyOuterSpace.com and it launched last week.

The site serves a more detailed purpose than just rehashing William Shatner memories or sharing fan-made versions of his song interpretations. It's a kind of Linkedin for sci-fi, horror and fantasy creators looking to network. So they can collaborate on projects or have lunch on the moon or whatever.

The site is organized into planets and starships, which are public and private social groups, respectively (get it?). For example, Orpheus, is the place where musician geeks can gather to discuss all things related to the sound arts, including soundtracks, albums (finally a place to talk about Alan Parsons Project's I, Robot!), musicians, folk songs about Star Trek or whatever suits their fancy.

Really, we're just glad someone found a place to stuff all the geeks into one site. Now we can go about enjoying obscure Battlestar Galactica wiki's in peace.

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