Win Bright Eyes prize pack, including merch and a pair of tickets to the Fillmore show

While the correct answer (as evidenced below) appears to be endlessly debatable, the answer we were looking for is Norman Bailer. Congrats to Kyle Bassett, the winner of the Bright Eyes prize pack. Everybody else: Thanks for playing!

Bright Eyes has sure come a long way since we saw him open up for the Gloria Record up in Boulder at Club 156 sometime in the late '90s. Back then, Conor Oberst was awkward kid with a guitar slung over his shoulder singing awkward songs with a tentative voice. Since then, of course, he's grown into a celebrated songwriter with enough magnetism to fill an arena.

On June 3, Bright Eyes is due at the Fillmore with Jenny and Johnny, and not only do we have a pair of tickets with your name on them, but they come in a nifty prize pack that includes a signed piece of vinyl, a CD of your choice and a T-shirt, all of which you'll be able to redeem at the show. To win, comment below with the moniker that Oberst first made music under, and we'll pick a winner at random next week. (Be sure to include your actual email address in the appropriate field, so we can contact you if you win.)

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Dave Herrera
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