Win tickets to Dish this Wednesday

We're no foodies here at Backbeat. We can't even pretend to be well enough to carry on an semi-intelligent conversation with our

Cafe Society

co-horts. Despite the fact that we're still what you would call "husky," as mom once used to so delicately put it, we have most unsophisticated palate of anyone you're ever likely to me. Fact is, we have the culinary acumen of a first grader.

That said, while the prospect of seeing Bop Skizzum -- slated to perform at our Dish event next Wednesday, September 22 -- sounds positively appealing, the tickets we've been given by the brass will be utterly wasted on us simpletons. So we're putting the five pairs we have up for grabs. If you and a guest would like to be our guest, tell us in five words below why we should pick you (be sure to leave your actual email), and we'll pick five winners on Tuesday. Bon appetit!

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