Wizard Prom sets out to make your night, ahem, magical

If we were to tell you of an event with wizards and music involved, what would your gut reaction be? Pleasure? Glee? Anger? Well, prepare yourself accordingly: Wizard Prom -- it's going down next week. Get your wands in a twist this Monday, May 17 at 7 p.m. at Other Side Arts on 16th and Platte.

The wizardly activities are being soundtracked by Good Luck, Candy Claws, and there will be a DJ set from Travis Egedy. While we're entirely uncertain what a Wizard Prom is going to entail, we'd venture to guess there's going to be some slow dancing to Uriah Heep and Black Sabbath with the possibility of black magic and make-out parties. Either that or it'll just be a show with a goofy hats and silly dresses.

Regardless of your stance on wizards, it's worth attending for the fact it's also a benefit for Sent(a)mental Studios Youth Art Project, a program for at-risk youth offering studio space and one-on-one teaching programs for various arts and crafts.

It might be out of season for the wizardly beard and walking stick, but there is no shame in pulling the pointed cap and mathamagician outfit out of mothballs, especially for a good cause. Speaking of good causes, donations will be accepted, so don't forget to bring your magic wallet.

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