Wonder what a ninety-piece marching band sounds like Playing Apart? Wonder no more.

Update (10/31/11): See photos from Playing Apart, this past weekend's one-of-a-kind performance art spectacle in lower downtown Denver.

Um, yeah, so this sounds positively awesome. There's an event planned for Saturday, October 29 dubbed "Playing Apart," in which an entire ninety-piece marching band from Bear Creek High School is going to be spread out through downtown playing their individual parts in separate parts of the city, marching through the town, before converging randomly at various points along the way.

"Viewers throughout the city -- sitting in cafes, walking the sidewalks and working in buildings -- will see one band member after another passing by, like solitary pieces of a larger puzzle," the release from Arts & Venues Denver promises. "The performance is both subtle and obvious, small and large. Disrupting and re-imagining the normal flow of the city, this project invites viewers to contemplate social and auditory patterns within the chaos of the city."

The whole things is being organized and conducted by a pair of performance artists, Jon Rubin and Lee Walton, and can be witnessed on October 29 between 1:30 - 4:30 p.m. This could get pretty interesting. Hmm... wonder what Itchy-O and Boba Fett and the Americans are doing on this particular Saturday.

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Dave Herrera
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