Woodsman open up a black hole over our heads

Sometimes all it takes to catch our eye is a nice big landscape on a flier. Even if we can't quite make out what cities are being mashed together here, this one still manages to peak our interest in the show and the material based solely on our passing interest in architecture and space.

We're not going to lie and say we haven't been staring intently at this sucker for a while now, trying to figure out which cities are represented here, so we can sound real smart in the commentary. We can't figure it out, though. They look familiar, and we're pretty sure New York is in there, as the slanted-top building looks a hell of a lot like Citigroup Center. Still, there appear to be three different photos cut up here, and that's the only one we know with some certainty. Any guesses anyone?

The flier did its job of catching our eye, which is what makes this one our favorite we've seen this week. It's also a good representation of the bands playing. It's pretty clear from the images you see here what you'll be in store for: some psychedelic, some genre-bending, some multi-layered tunes and plenty of weirdness. If space is the final frontier, then you'll have plenty to go home and think about after this show.

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Thorin Klosowski
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