Wyclef Jean at Coors Event Center on 4/20

Wyclef Jean is coming to the Coors Event Center on Friday, April 20, to perform at a free party thrown for students, sponsored by the CU Student Government in partnership with the Program Council.

As you've probably deduced, there's a method to the madness: This show is being held on 4/20, and that's no coincidence. The goal here, apparently, is to host this party in an attempt to put a damper on any sort of other unsanctioned activity that will likely take place on the campus on that particular day -- a day that, as you know, is typically associated with celebrating the wacky tabacky.

Now, lest it seem like the 11,000-seat Coors Events Center will be transformed into a giant smoke shack by inviting smokers indoors, the office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs sent a helpful reminder to students via e-mail this morning, reminding them that "Tickets will be issued for smoking marijuana on the Norlin Quad, or anywhere on campus, prior to, during and after the gathering. Such tickets can result in a $100 fine."

That's not all. Along with a litany of other warnings in the missive, there was an implicit request to students imploring them not to invite friends or non-students to the campus that day, as the show is strictly open to CU students only. Another important note: While doors open at 2 p.m., any students who aren't in by 4 p.m. will not be granted admission. Sharing the bill is Chris Cab and Boulder natives TTF. Our news blog, the Latest Word, just caught up with a spokesperson from the student government in an effort to get answers to some pressing questions, such as why they chose Wyclef Jean to headline such an event. After all, dude isn't exactly known for being what you'd call a teetotaler.

-- Dave Herrera and Nick Callaio

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