X Factor wowed by Jeff Brinkman, a 36-year-old doggy daycare owner from Longmont

At his X-Factor audition at the Denver Coliseum earlier this year, which was finally shown this past Thursday on the show's premiere, Jeff Brinkman took Kelly Rowland's breath away before he even sang a note. Rowland gasped noticeably as the shaggy-haired, 36-year-old singer (and T.J. Miller lookalike) from Longmont revealed that he owns a doggy daycare. She was even more taken aback by his heart-warming, made-for-television story when she learned he's a new father of a six-week premature daughter. Rowland was then totally blown away when she heard him sing.

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When Brinkman, whose voice sounds a lot like Michael Bolton to our ears, finished singing, Kelly Rowland was the first to critique his performance. We swear it sounds like her voice cracked a bit when she said, "I love how sincere you are. You mean every word, and that's just so beautiful and so genuine coming from you."

Paulino Rubio weighed in next, marveling at Brinkman's raspy voice, saying, "I just think you're fresh and original, and I really enjoyed your performance tonight." Demi Lovato, meanwhile, recognized his commercial appeal, "I think you have a beautiful recording voice, someone that's going to sell records," she said. "And I think with your voice, you can definitely do that."

And then it was time for the legendary curmudgeon, Simon Cowell, to pitch in with his two cents. Even he was won over by Brinkman's performance. "That was a brilliant, brillant vocal. Brilliant. You've just got a naturally great voice. I thought that was a fantastic audition." And indeed it was. With a unanimous endorsement from Cowell and company, Brinkman has moved on to the first round, where he'll now try to win over the hearts of America.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.