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Year Long Disaster

Reality TV ain't got nothing on the true-to-life biography of Year Long Disaster. It begins with the Kinks, takes a drug-addled turn with Speedealer and somehow ends up at Third Eye Blind. Frankly, it doesn't make any sense at all. What is discernable is the outright rock and roll pouring from the group's amps. The three players -- Daniel Davies, Rich Mullins and Brad Hargreaves -- have cultivated the blues sensibilities of the classic-rock greats, adding a dash of Cream, a dollop of Zeppelin and just a pinch of Thin Lizzy. But worry not, purists, because it's not cheese these guys are cooking: They're from Los Angeles, and that has to count for something. So what's their story? Well, one is the son of a legend, one has partied with Pantera and the other helped write a hit pop song about crystal meth. Welcome to the surreal life.
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Tuyet Nguyen