Yeasayer's "Madder Red" video: Kristen Bell gets freaky with creepy disembodied head thing

Sitting down? Good, because you're going to want to let this video sink in slowly. We feel obligated to warn you that this clip is a little NSFW. Relax, it isn't NSFW in the way you're thinking. There's no nudity or anything like that. It's just a little weird -- kind of like The Thing. Just thought we'd give you a heads-up in case your office mate is prone to peering over your shoulder, lest he think you're some sort of weirdo and, you know, file a grievance with HR or something. The video is for Yeasayer's song "Madder Red," off the act's most recent album, Odd Blood, and it stars Kristen Bell with this creepy disembodied head thing. As you'll see after the jump, it's very odd, indeed.

The video is directed by Andreas Nilsson, who is increasingly becoming known as "the guy who did so-and-so's creepy video." If you don't believe us, just watch some of the videos on his website. As for this video, it's a typical love story -- well, as typical as a love story about a lovely girl and a creepy disembodied headbthing could possibly be. It's heartwarming or gut-wrenching, depending on your mood.

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Thorin Klosowski
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