Yo La Tengo's alter ego grabs top spot at Wax Trax

Matador Records tried to pull a fast one by saying the Condo Fucks was a legendary New London, Connecticut trio that returned after a long hiatus from performing. The label also stated that a secretive Hoboken rehearsal was recorded and was released March 24 as the album Fuckbook, which just so happened to grab the top spot at Wax Trax for the week ending March 29. Oh yeah, as you might have guessed from the headline, the folks in Condo Fucks are the same folks in Yo Ya Tengo. There's a fair amount of local talent in last week's top seller list including Git Some, Tauntaun, Drag the River and the Local Anesthic compilation. See the full breakdown after the jump.

Wax Trax
Top Sellers - 03.29.09

1.   Condo Fucks - Fuckbook
2.   Various Artists - Local Anesthetic
3.   Mono - Hymn to the Immortal Wind
4.   Say Hi - Oohs and Aahs
5.   Git Some - Cosmic Rock
6.   Tom Waits - Live From Austin
7.   Tauntaun - Tauntaun
8.   Drag the River - Bad at Breaking Up
9.   Kid Congo - Dracula Boots
10. MF Doom - Born Like This

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