You Bring the Romance, the Floozies Will Bring the Electronic Funk

Over funky synths, a deep seductive voice beckons: “Local Floozies have been waiting for you…”

The Floozies, an electronica duo comprising brothers Mark and Matt Hill, created a YouTube video to promote their "Red Rocks Romance package" for the show they're playing this Saturday, October 8. You can't help but laugh that the package offers two tickets for the price of $69.69 and includes a love letter from the brothers. According to Mark, the brothers have always been anything but serious, and this romance package was just a silly idea brought to fruition. From their name to the music itself, they keep things goofy with a flair for the funky-fresh.

Westword: Where did the Floozies' name come from?

Mark Hill: It was just a word our mom used…we don’t take ourselves that seriously. We just have a lot of fun, and it is not meant to be a really intense name or anything. Matt is four years older than me and kind of immature, and I’m an old soul. We have always been best friends; we don’t really have a typical brother dynamic.

How would you describe your sound?

We like to throw [the term] “electronic funk” around. We play funk music and use electronic equipment. It's almost like an orchestra, utilizing all the tools that we can. We create so much sound with just two people. When we play, it’s almost like this alien funk orchestra. We are all about the live performance. We got into this to play shows.

Since you are from Kansas, in close proximity to Colorado, what has your history of performing here been like?

The band formed while we were going to school in Lawrence. We lived in Coloardo for a year and tried to do the music thing out there, but it was too soon or something. Otherwise, we would drive out from Kansas and play shows. I remember one time we played at Quixote's and only two people showed up…and those two people were our two friends that traveled with us. We played another time in Boulder and maybe thirty people came and we made $12, so Matt played on the street to make gas money in order to get us home. One time, we played at the Fox Theatre with Galactic – Matt e-mailed them a million times to get that gig. Usually, I would drive and Matt would do the booking. We’ve had a few weird gigs in Colorado but have had some good ones. It's been a long road but still fun.

Where did the idea for the Romance Package come from?

Basically, I was just allowing my brother to be his goofy self. Matt is always thinking about new ways to do fun things for the band, and this idea evolved slowly. It started as a good way for friends to get cheap tickets, and the rest was good wrapping paper, like receiving a handwritten love letter from my brother. We always want to deliver something fun and exciting.

The Floozies perform this Saturday, October 8, at Red Rocks Amphitheatre with Michal Menert & the Pretty Fantastics, Sunsquabi and Russ Liquid.

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