You got your video games in my music

This weekend I stumbled across this story about the convergence of video games and music in our sister paper the Phoenix New Times, and really enjoyed it. I'm quite pleased that two of my great loves -- video games and music -- are coming together in so many ways, both underground and mainstream. More important, the piece got me thinking about our local chiptunes/games-music inspired acts, which inspired me to look up Math You, an artist I wrote about early this year and had sort of forgotten about since. I'm glad I did, since the selection of tunes on his MySpace page, which range from pure 8-bit instrumentals to sleazy, Ween-style humorous electro pop to blunted downtempo, has been just the thing to lift me out of my post-Christmas funk. If you're curious about the chiptunes thing and want to check out someone doing it locally, Math You is a great place to start. -- Cory Casciato

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