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You'll Never See Another Show Like the One Chimney Choir Has Planned

Denver's Chimney Choir will be playing at Syntax Physic Opera tonight. But playing is really an understatement. As the flyers pronounce, this is "The Launch."

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It's "a post-western sci-fi mystery dream sequence telethon dinner theater thriller." Thats a lot of words that describe an event both very specifically and very vaguely. Partially because those nine words have never been put in that order before, and partially because that really could be anything. But that's what this show is billed as, all to "raise monies for the creation of a new album."

"It's a fundraising launch," says Kevin Larkin of Chimney Choir. "So were launching a Indiegogo tomorrow. It's going be a lot of different mini-events."

The band, currently working on their fourth album, has decided to enlist the public to help them make it. But instead of just asking strangers for money, they want to get everyone involved and treat them to something special. There will be a short super 8 film presented by Davey B Gravey's Tiny Cinema, with Norman's Gravity Cello providing live accompaniment, a music video premiere, and even some special surprises.

"There may or may not be a kidnapping," says Blank. "There's going to a be thriller involved. And were going to have some storytelling involved."

After this event the band will be providing web updates to all supporters and fans and is planning a couple more events at Syntax as the recording process goes on. But tomorrow, The Launch, is a must-attend if you want to be in on the ground floor of Chimney Choir's new album. This event will be more about money and fundraising, it'll be about art, community and fun.

"Get people involved more and have fun with it," says Blank. "That's kind of the reason to do the whole production is to make it more than just one video online."

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