You're listening to the sound of heartbreak

Damn you, Eric Shively! Thanks for bringing rain clouds to an otherwise peaceful Tuesday evening. Was just now getting ready to crack a cold one and call it a day, when a message from Senõr Shively popped in my e-mail box. I'll tell you what, leave it to that guy to tack on a sad ending on what was otherwise a heartening, real-life story, one in which the boy actually gets the gal in the end. For those of you who've seen Everything But You, his excellent homemade doc that deftly captures the -- how did I put it? -- the frustration of being a struggling musician, you can probably figure out what I'm talking about. For those who haven't, well, let's just say that it moved this dopeless romantic. Unsurprisingly, Shively captured his heartache in a new song, with an accompanying video, which we've posted after the jump.

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