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YouTuber Parodies "Hotline Bling" on Streets of Denver

Subscriber-based geek-culture box-senders Loot Crate are no strangers to a gimmicky Youtube video. Damn, over 150,000 people regularly tune in just to watch somebody open one of their boxes and reveal a pair of Star Wars socks or a Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pin.

Meanwhile, Arizona-based Cody Strong (YouTube handle AngryPicnic) loves a musical prank, to the point that he’s considered a minor YouTube sensation (putting him adjacent to such esteemed company as the hamster who plays piano and Charlie, the kid that bit the other kid’s finger). Who could forget the Fetty Wap "679" Christmas parody? What could be more impressive than a meeting of these minds?

To be fair, the resulting vid, a parody of Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” isn’t entirely unfunny. Dressed as Santa, Strong hit the streets of Denver to hand out gifts to random passersby while rocking out to “Christmas Bling.”

The song contains such unforgettable lines as “I got your present, it’s right here, take it take it take it, you’re on the good list this year,” and “Sleigh bells jingling jing-a-ling-a-ling, it’s better to give than receive.”

Yup, they rhymed “a-ling” with “receive".

According to a press release, the video "has become popular not only for its comical nature, but its benevolent holiday spirit of paying it forward with random acts of kindness. The short film shows Strong giving the presents to bystanders and people on the streets of Colorado.”

Wrong. Take a look at the comment thread, and the reasons that this video is getting a chuckle become clear. Sure, there may be a few people who think that the reworked lyrics are witty, but no one would mistake this guy for Weird Al. Nope, the best thing about the video is watching the faces of the people who have zero interest in comic books and sci-fi opening a pair of Iron Man shoelaces or Dr. Who trading cards. 

Good work, random people in Denver, for adding genuine humor to an otherwise fairly average bit of guerrilla advertising. But cringe-worthy moments abound: Around the 1:12 mark, for instance, Strong hands an article of superhero whimsy to a man experiencing homelessness. (The man unwraps the package, regards it and seems to sigh.) 

For your pleasure, here's the video:

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