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Guys hate guys. Guys really hate good-lookin' guys. We don't want to see some hairsprayed pretty boy batting his eyes and pursing his lips, because we feel threatened. The reason Ron Jeremy has a career is to give us normals hope. Zeke is Ron Jeremy music: thick, manly, hard and ugly. It's fast and it's brutal, but it has staying power. The members of Zeke are the type of guys who wear denim older than their listeners' median age. Though routinely lumped in with Antiseen, Speedealer and bands with a state and female genitalia in the name, Zeke owes nothing to Skynyrd. Still fueled by cars, women and alcohol, the outfit opts for a more urban brand of breakneck, white-trash thrash punk.

Following the group's unsuccessful breakup in 2002, 'Til The Livin' End is a return to form with fine tuning. Like 2001's Death Alley, this year's model allows no pit stops between laps as the songs tailgate treacherously. But pared down to a trio, the crew is tighter and a few milliseconds faster. Blind Marky Felchtone, who croaks like Lemmy Kilmister, delivers riffs that closely mirror Diamond Jeff Matz's bass lines -- which aren't just dirty, they're plain lewd. Then Felchtone throws it into overdrive with a blindingly fast Motor City solo. End is the audio equivalent of whizzing past the scant buildings of a small town with a hundred miles of asphalt in the rearview and the hammer down.

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Rick Skidmore