Club Nights

Zodiac Room

After eighteen years in business, Pink-E's (6080 West 92nd Avenue in Westminster) is going the way of the '80s-centric hot-pink decor that's been its trademark over the years. Scheduled to reopen on Friday, December 9, as the Zodiac Room -- under the same ownership but different management -- the former pool hall and rock club has undergone an extreme makeover and been transformed into a brand-new, booty-licious location. "It's 100 percent dance club," says venue director Rex Finfgeld. "There's no more bands." The overhaul includes an all-DJ format, a VIP lounge, a new menu and an expanded floor no longer cluttered with pool tables. Expect an expanse of music from reggaeton, salsa, Top 40, R&B, hard house, Brit pop and just about anything else with a beat. The DJ lineup, too, reads like a grocery list of essential hometown favorites: DJs Psycho of Mega 95.7 FM, Luna, Richie Rich, Michael Trundle and Tim Cooke of Lipgloss fame, and a host of others. And what about that new name, anyway? "It just seems to roll off the tongue," Finfgeld says. A website is still in the works; for information, call 303-429-9173.

On the other side of town that same night, another new place will be making its debut. For the smoker in all of us, check out the Robusto Room (9535 Park Meadows Drive in Lone Tree) for a cushy cigar lounge and live jazz club. Owners Peter and Sara Roth are expanding their cigar shop, Stogies & Bogeys, and connecting it with a non-smoking wine bar coupled with a smoker-friendly room. "We're not really a dinner place," says Peter. "We're an appetizers, live music and cigars kind of joint." Making the rounds will be local jazz notables Ken Walker, Hugh Ragin, Bob Montgomery and Lynn Baker. Check out a full event calendar at or call 303-790-7363.

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Tuyet Nguyen