Zombie Hate Brigade's awesome micro-epic "I Wanna Put my JUNK in Stacy"

Local grindcore band Zombie Hate Brigade are a clever bunch who clearly love and know the zombie mythos. They not only produced the amazing zombie Johnny Cash shirt pictured on the left (this is the back, the front says zombie in block letters -- I wear mine often), they've also managed to put out a gory, splatstick video that's a three and a half minute zombie micro-epic. It references two undead classics in the title (JUNK and Stacy), a third in its opening scene (Night of the Living Dead) and has the look and feel of a fourth (The Dead Next Door). And like all the best zombie works, it features a disembowelment climax. Your tolerance for the growly vocals and double-bass-drum drive of grindcore will dictate how much you like the tune, but the video is a can't-miss proposition for anyone who loves zombies -- which is pretty much everyone, right? Check out the video, embedded after the jump. -- Cory Casciato

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