2008: The Year in Review

It will be time to start looking forward soon, but first we'll take one last look back at all the looking back we've been doing, with a roundup of our year-end coverage. It was a strange and wonderful and absolutely dogshit year. Let's relive it.

The Year in Photos: The best news and event photos of 2008. The Year in Concert Photos: From Monolith to the Marquis, a look back at the year in live music. The Year in Nightlife Photos: We be clubbin'. The Year in Slideshows: The most popular slideshows of 2008. The Best Westword Covers of 2008: And the stories that inspired them. The Best of Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario The Best of Kenny Be's Hip Tip The Most Popular News Stories on Westword.com: Who knew Taco Bell was that important to people? The Most Popular Backbeat Blogs of 2008: Death and live music. Moovers & Shakers 2008: Backbeat scribes weigh in on their favorite local releases of the year Nationalistic: Westword's favorite national albums of the year The Year in Indie: Michael Roberts' Top 10 Indie Rock Albums of 2008

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