2015 Best Hair on a Local Personality Winners — and the Top Runners-Up

Earlier this week, we shared Best Hair on a Local Personality winners from 2010-2014 as a preview for the 2015 Best of Denver issue.

Now, the issue is out — and so is word about the Best Hair champs in both the female and male categories.

But who were the runners-up?

We've got the top five in both divisions here, followed by a new hair Hall of Famer who we've exempted from competition (because this person would win every year).

Count them down below.

Number 5, male: Greg Dutra, Fox31

Number 5, female: Kristen Skovira, 7News

Number 4, male: Stan Bush, CBS4

Number 4, female: Melissa Blasius, 9News

Number 3, male: Brandon Rittman, 9News

Number 3, female: Meagan Fitzgerald, 9News

Number 2, male: Marc Stewart, 7News

Number 2, female: Rahel Solomon, CBS4

Number 1, male: Raul Martinez, Fox31

Best Hair on a Local TV Personality, Male

Unlike those stations that make their personalities conform to rigid hairstyle standards, to the degree that all of them look as if they're wearing identical helmets, Fox31 allows staffers to express themselves by way of their follicles, and sports reporter Martinez takes full advantage. His coiffure is bracingly youthful, proudly peaking on top and frequently jutting out in different directions, hipster-style. The result is cool in a way TV hair usually isn't — but we wish it was.

Number 1, female: Christine Nöel, 9News

Best Hair on a Local TV Personality, Female

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For those insecure about their hair, we imagine it would be a terrible burden to work at  the same station Corey Rose, our 2014 Best Hair winner, and the possessor of enough of the stuff to keep Locks of Love fully stocked for years. But there's no back-down in weekend anchor Nöel. Rather than competing with Rose in terms of volume alone (a losing proposition if ever there was one), she counters with a sleek, modernistic mane that suggests a brunette flower just about to open. Don't rest on your laurels, Corey. It's on!

Hall of Fame: Corey Rose, 9News

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.