4/20, Boulder and driving under influence of weed: Three arrests, crash into cop car

Opponents of a bill to set THC driving limits got a big boost after a blood test of Westword medical marijuana critic William Breathes showed he was nearly three times over the proposed limit when sober. But while the legislation has been put on hold, it's not dead -- and those in favor of it have three new incidents in Boulder on 4/20 to cite, including one allegedly involving a stoned teenager crashing into a patrol car.

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, a seventeen-year-old with a poor sense of time was on the road at 3:43 p.m. -- more than half an hour before the traditional 4:20 p.m. group inhale -- when he drove into a Boulder County Sheriff's vehicle.

The deputy assigned to the car wasn't hurt in the accident -- because he was outside, directing 4/20 traffic at the time. As for the teen, who reportedly admitted to having attended CU's 4/20 celebration and smoking marijuana there, didn't sustain a serious injury, either, although he was transported to the hospital due to what the Camera describes as "issues related to marijuana use" -- whatever that means. Police said he would be ticketed for reckless driving and driving under the influence.

He wasn't alone. The Boulder Police blotter for April 20 lists two more similar busts.

In the first, an eighteen-year-old was spotted driving the wrong way on a one-way street -- and after cops "noticed a marijuana odor coming from the car," the driver is said to have admitted smoking two bowls' worth.

The second incident? An eighteen-year-old was in a car stopped in traffic. He claimed to officers that it wouldn't start -- but even if the engine had turned over, he wouldn't have been able to go anywhere. Police smelled weed, he allegedly admitted having toked, and cops arrested him and took him to Boulder County Jail.

A prudent response? Or an excessive reaction? No doubt the debate will continue.

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