4/20 in Boulder: Student against moving the event calls opponents "rich, trust-fund a**holes"

The annual 4/20 bacchanal on the CU Boulder campus, dubbed an orgasm of cannabis consumption by NORML exec Allen St. Pierre, is a tradition many university officials would like to end -- and student government leaders like Carly Robinson are heading in that direction, too. But at a forum last night, the student body as a whole appears split on whether the event should be moved off campus, and how that can be accomplished.

My correspondent for the event: my daughter, a member of CU's freshman council, who attended the forum with her twin sister and fellow council rep. She estimates that around fifty students showed up to debate the pros and cons of 4/20 with administration representatives and student government leaders like Brooks Kanski and Andrew Yoder.

Those in favor of moving 4/20 off-campus talked about difficulties getting to and from classes on that day (an issue that would be minimized over the next three years, since April 20 will fall on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, respectively), as well as the costs involved, the fact that many if not most of the participants aren't CU enrollees, and the potential impact on the value of a degree. One student noted that he'd recently had a job interview, and immediately after mentioning that he attended CU, the guy quizzing him said, "You know you have to pass a drug test, don't you?"

Good news: The student was hired.

As for the pro-4/20 contingent, they talked about the bash as a legally protected political statement and complained that forcing it off-campus would infringe on their right to free expression. As a bonus, the last speaker of the night declared that those trying to banish 4/20 from CU Boulder were "rich, trust-fund assholes."

Be that as it may, plenty of questions went unanswered -- including where in Boulder 4/20 might take place if not at CU, and how a new plan would be enforced.

This evening, CU Boulder's student legislative council is expected to issue a resolution about 4/20. It remains to be seen whether more specifics will be shared at that time, or if the announcement will simply voice a general desire that the thousands of weed lovers who converge on the campus annually pick somewhere else to get their toke on.

Look below and page down to see photos of this year's 4/20 event at CU.

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