5 more major Denver speed traps

After the National Motorists Association placed Denver among the ten worst cities in the U.S. and Canada for speed traps, Alan Prendergast listed the top five speed traps in Denver according to Speedtrap.org. But these are hardly the only reported speed traps in the area. Below, see Speedtrap's next five, complete with interactive maps and user descriptions, so you'll have an even better idea when and where to take the lead out of your foot.

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5. I-25 South Bound Before Deer Creek Road Exit, I-25 S under 470:

"Douglas County Police stake this spot out during morning Rush hour with Drivers side window pointed North. Laser is used at oncoming south bound traffic. When you think your out of the woods your not as you keep going south on I-25 you come up on the I-25 470 interchange, Lone tree police sit at the bottom of the hill on I-25 south underneath the i-470 interchange. They will read your speed with laser just as you come over the crest of the hill before heading to the bottom of the hill under I-470. If your doing 80 at the crest of that hill and you get lasered your toast. Just watch your speed on I-25 south between Dry creek and I-470. The local police are out there trying to make money so beware."

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4. Speer Blvd East and West bound between University and Downing:

"Photo Radar and regular DPD motorcycles and cruisers are there constanttly at this posted 30 mph zone. 3 lanes each direction with a parkway separating the directions -- should be 40-45 mph zone. Beware at all times."

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3. I-225 Southbound just past I-70 Interchange:

"Unmarked Patrol."

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2. Kalamath and 1st:

"Unmanned speed enforcement camera van located by the railroad tracks on Kalamath between 1st and Alameda. Fines could be doubled due to 25mph work zone (although I haven't seen any road work done in that area for months)."

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1.1st Avenue and Gilpin St. at Denver Country Club:

"DPD regularly posts one or two patrol car or MC units at the front entrance to the Denver Country Club located on the south side of 1st Avenue at Gilpin Street. This long 6 lane straightaway is a 30mph zone. DPD generally target the east bound traffic leaving downtown starting at about 9pm and run the speed trap till about 2am from Wednesday to Saturday evenings. Although I have seen them occasionally on Monday and Tuesdays. During the daylight hours there is often a dark blue photo speed trap van parked on the WB side of 1st Avenue at Franklin St."

More from our News archive: "Speed trap near I-25/I-70 mousetrap tomorrow -- for your safety, says Denver Police Dept."

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