5280 to comp subscribers to defunct Denver Magazine -- all 3,000 of them

In an interview earlier this week, Michael Ledwitz, publisher of now-defunct Denver Magazine, vowed that a deal was in the works to compensate the publication's subscribers, although he declined to say how many of them there were.

Now, 5280, which purchased Denver Magazine's key assets, confirms that it will take care of these folks. Fortunately, there are just 3,000 of them.

Daniel Brogan, 5280's editor and publisher, notes that "we acquired their list, and there were about 3,000 paid subscribers. About 700 of them were already 5280 subscribers, too -- so we're going to extend those subscriptions by whatever number of Denver Magazine issues were left on their subscriptions. And for the other 2,300, we're going to give them however many issues were left on their subscriptions in 5280."

As Brogan points out, "this wasn't something we were required to do. We don't own Denver Magazine, so it's not our obligation. But we thought it was a nice gesture, and hopefully their subscribers will see it as a nice gesture -- and if they don't, at least we tried."

Regarding the reaction Denver Magazine fans have given to 5280's outreach efforts to date, Brogan calls it "mixed... some people are disappointed about Denver Magazine going away and that's perfectly understandable. But we've invited people to come over and check us out, and they've been very friendly so far."

Earlier this week, Ledwitz objected to the suggestion that Denver Magazine folded due to the tough economy and the challenges faced by print publications these days. His explanation for the closure: "Business is business, and that's all I can say."

However, the extremely modest subscriber total speaks volumes.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.