9News's Kathy Sabine Reflects on 25 Years on Denver TV, Uncertain Future

Kathy Sabine and one of her best friends.
Kathy Sabine and one of her best friends. Brennah Rosenthal
Suggest that 9News chief meteorologist Kathy Sabine is a Denver TV star and she'll react with bewilderment. But facts are facts, and Sabine has been among the Mile High City's most recognizable faces for decades. She just marked her 25th anniversary at the station and she's still going strong, as is clear from the following in-depth interview. But she also reveals that her contract with 9News is about to expire, and refers to her future with the station as uncertain.

Sabine goes into detail about a childhood spent skiing and taking part in California rodeos before revealing how her early ambition to become a veterinarian transitioned into a focus on journalism, with a potential career as a model representing a road not taken.

She also discusses the reason she decided to focus on forecasting; the break that led her to Denver; her crash course in Colorado weather and the high standards to which viewers hold her, particularly when predictions don't pan out; the multiple opportunities she had to move to bigger markets and platforms, fueled in part by guest spots on the Today show, and why she didn't take them; those false yet long-lasting rumors that she dated John Elway; why she wasn't amused when a video of an unusual exchange between her and 9News anchor Kyle Clark went viral; her discomfort with the darker aspects of the Internet and its strange obsession with her age and shoe size; her recent dance debut on the Ellen show; her gratitude for the way she's been embraced by Denver; and those ticklish contract negotiations.

For her, the skies have been mostly sunny. But let her tell you about it.
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