A disturbing MySpace tribute to Angie Zapata's killer

Allen Andrade, the 32-year-old convicted in April of murdering transgender Greeley teen Angie Zapata, has a MySpace page. A disturbing one that alternates Christian imagery, hate-speak and pleas not to judge him.

It appears to have been set up by one of Andrade's siblings. (He has at least two sisters, both of whom faithfully attended the trial.) From the "About Me" section:

People THINK that they know my brother based on the ONE mistake that he made last year. Well, you don't. See, he's a BROTHER, SON, uncle, nephew, grandson, cousin, and friend. He's never denied his identity as a straight male. NEVER. My brother loves WOMEN...the kind GOD makes with vaginas, fallopian tubes, uteruses, periods. -- In my opinion, God gives WOMEN the opportunity to co-create with him. It's an opportunity that surgery or mindset can not achieve. It never will.

The "one mistake" is likely a reference to Zapata's murder -- among the subjects of our May feature "Who was Angie Zapata? Her Murderer's Trial Didn't Tell the Whole Story." Andrade was found guilty of first-degree murder for beating eighteen-year-old Zapata to death with a fire extinguisher last summer after spending a few days with her at her Greeley apartment. He was also convicted of a hate crime -- the jury found that he killed Zapata because she was biologically male -- as well as motor vehicle theft and identity theft. The latter two convictions were because Andrade stole Zapata's car after the murder and used her sister's credit card, which was inside it, to buy gas.

In May, a judge labeled Andrade, who already had a record of wrongdoing at the time of the murder, a "habitual criminal" and added sixty years to his life sentence.

The author of Andrade's page contends that "things happen for a reason:"

I've told Allen Ray many times that he's truly the lucky one, not only is he here, but he gets a second chance at life. He gets to confess, repent, and move on. We get to do that with him. Sometimes when God needs you to listen he puts us somewhere where we can. It is not fair to judge people by what you read. Only I know what happened, and have to live with it everyday of my life. It wasn't what the media portrayed it to be or the state. I am holding myself accountable. So judge not, please... By the grace of God, I hope that none of you reading this, ever have a loved one go through this ordeal. Keep your sons and daughters safe! Teach them morals ~ beginning with the truth.

The site bothered transgender blogger Autumn Sandeen, who covered Andrade's trial for the LBGT website Pam's House Blend. On Monday, Sandeen wrote:

I found this webpage dedicated to Allen Ray Andrade a bit unsettling. To me, it seems that Christian blessing is being given to the killing of Angie Zapata, and giving justification for killing transgender human beings in the future -- because God will forgive, and only God is allowed to judge these murderers. Well, I reject that reasoning.

Well said.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.