A Fashionble Artopia

This the top Cat paired with Calvin Klein jeans and cowboy boots for her Artopia outfit.
If you missed Artopia this year, you missed one hell of a party. At least up on the roof. Except for presenting our annual MasterMind Awards — $4,000 checks to five of the city's emerging cultural innovators — Cat never left the fourth floor.

The Fabric Lab, Equillibrium, Lynne Brunning, Mister Neats and Betsey Johnson all put on full-press productions. In particular Cat was impressed with our local girls for all the showmanship, passion and effort the obviously put into their shows.

The Fabric Lab had their models carrying the funniest signs shaped like cartoon dialogue bubbles. Quite a few people were stoked to go over and buy some of the items they saw strutting down the runway. It was great. Deb Henriksen and Equillibrium just rocked out — Keith Richards could have learned some things from her male models. They were all on fire. And Lynne Bruning's show, well that's always a spectacle. Models in hot pants and pasties? You bet! Day-glo fringed dresses. Yep. Men in skirts made of keys. Hell, yes. It was sexy, it was fun, it was outrageous.

Cat was so busy managing all the shows that she didn't get to take pictures, but she's asked the designers to send over images as they have them. As soon as Cat has them, you'll have them.

Cat also promised you a look at the red carpet fashions of the Denver Film Society's Oscar party, but she was overtaken by the plague. It was not a pretty sight. So, the kind people over at the DFS are going to send some images over.

So stay tuned.... Same Cat channel, same Cat time.

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Amy Haimerl