Adam Manlove: Four stolen vehicles, eight accidents, four hours

If police are right, Nebraska's Adam Manlove is an extremely efficient criminal. Whereas many scofflaws may only commit one offense in a whole day, he's accused of having stolen four vehicles and caused eight accidents in several different parts of the metro area in fewer than four hours.

Even law enforcers were left slack-jawed by this spree, which hurt no one seriously but ended with Manlove in cuffs. Photos, video and details below.

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, the first incident happened just prior to 6:55 a.m. yesterday morning near the intersection of East Evans Avenue and South Tower Road in Aurora.

A collision had taken place involving a vehicle that appears to have been stolen in Arapahoe County, and the driver who caused it -- Manlove, allegedly -- had split on foot, leaving three injured people behind. They were transported to local hospitals with relatively minor injuries.

Shortly thereafter, cops say Manlove swiped another ride -- this time a gold GMC Jimmy -- on East Atlantic Drive. But he managed to keep it on the road only until about 7:10 a.m., when he crashed it in the vicinity of East 6th Avenue and Del Mar Circle.

The man's feet powered him to a house on the 500 block of Toledo Street. But after breaking into it, he encountered the person who lived there, prompting him to split.

Fortunately for him, he spotted a nearby tow truck with the driver inside. He promptly yanked the poor guy out of the cab and hit the road again, this time with a contraption capable of causing even more damage. And cause it he did. By 7:20 a.m., he'd already gotten into another crash involving multiple vehicles, this time on the eastern edge of Denver, at East 6th Avenue and Yosemite.

Next car on the theft list? A silver Nissan, which he managed to pilot all the way to East Colfax Avenue and Quitman Street, where the driver crashed again, but not so badly as to render the car inoperable. He drove away and headed to Boulder -- and he actually managed to make it to the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) on the outskirts of town by around 10:40 a.m..

Shockingly enough, Manlove didn't take out all the cars parked in the NCAR lot. Rather, he simply surrendered to police called to the scene.

Manlove, 35, has no criminal record in Colorado, but it looks as if he'll have a pretty hefty one soon.

You math majors out there undoubtedly noted that our account doesn't list all eight accidents. Fortunately, the folks at 9News take you through each one with the help of a map. See the station's bizarre report below.

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