Affidavit: Desmond Smith, 14, Was Killed Over a Missing Cricket Cellphone

 The death by gunshot of fourteen-year-old Desmond Smith was already tragic, as is clear from our original coverage, on view below.

Now, however, information from a newly released arrest affidavit suggests that the shooting was even more senseless and unnecessary than previously thought.

That's because investigators believe Smith was murdered over a missing Cricket cellphone.

The Colorado Springs Gazette, quoting from the document, lays out the scenario that investigators believe took place early on Saturday, July 18.

According to the paper, Smith and two friends, ages thirteen and fourteen, were hanging out at Memorial Park in Colorado Springs with a group of girls when eighteen-year-old Raymond Rogan arrived along with two others.

Rogan, a Facebook friend of Smith's, said his HTC Cricket phone was gone and wanted to know if the boys had it, the Gazette notes. Smith and pals denied having the phone and even got out flashlights to help look for it.

By the way, one of Rogan's Facebook pics features him with a phone — although there's no telling if it's the one in question. Here's that shot:

Afterward, the girls left with Rogan, while Smith and his buddies headed to a nearby 7-Eleven to get something to drink.

Shortly thereafter, the report maintains, one of the girls texted about the phone — and the boys agreed to return to the park so Rogan could search them.

In the meantime, Rogan subsequently told investigators, he had reached out to 31-year-old Riccardo Kirven, who he called "Uncle Ricky," to help him retrieve the phone — and when they pulled up to the park and saw the boys, Kirven allegedly pulled out a silver handgun and opened fire.

Smith was hit in the chest and died of his wound.

Both Kirven and Rogan were arrested in connection with the killing. In addition, Raymond Rogan Sr., his namesake's father, is accused of having removed cartridge casings from the car.

Since then, friends of the Smith family created a GoFundMe entitled "Desmond's Memorial Fund." The introduction reads in part:
A death of a loved one is always difficult, it's beyond heart wrenching when it comes in the form your child. Brian and Precious Smith lost their youngest son Desmond.

07/18/2015, Demond lost his young life. He was only 14 years old. He just celebrated his 14th birthday on June 22... He was taken too young from this world. He was such an outgoing kid. Always laughing and joking around. Such a delight to be around.

This fund is for their familiy to be able arrange the funeral and help loved ones from far away travel to Colorado Springs where both Brian and Precious are stationed. As a military family, we all go through hardships; right now Precious is deployed but is on her way back home to be with her family at this difficult time. Let's show the Smith family that they are not alone in their grief and that we are there with them to support their family. Let's honor their son and their service to this country.

Thank you for your time and your cooperation in this matter.  
An indication of the esteem in which Desmond was held and the impact of his death on Colorado Springs as a whole: the $5,000 GoFundMe goal has been exceeded by more than $3,000 at this writing.

By the way (update), we're told that Desmond's biological mother, Lateffa Smith, who lives in Houston, has been in Colorado since shortly after his death and is understandably shattered by the tragic events.

The younger Rogan and Kirven are due to make court appearances on Friday, July 24. Continue for our previous coverage.

Original post, 5:55 a.m. July 20:
We all know that designating someone as a Facebook friend doesn't necessarily denote friendship in real life.

The story of Desmond Smith makes that abundantly clear.

The fourteen-year-old was shot dead over the weekend in Colorado Springs — and now, one of his Facebook friends, eighteen-year-old Raymond Rogan, is among those under arrest in regard to his slaying.

Smith's Facebook page remains online at this writing under the name "Desmonds Too Dope," and his photo gallery reveals him to have been an outgoing and extremely photogenic teen.

Here's one example.... his current profile pic....

....and the uncropped version of the image at the top of our original post:

As seen in the KRDO-TV report below, Smith's friends say he was a sports lover with a big heart.

But an incident that took place during the early hours of Saturday, July 18, ended his life in tragic fashion.

At approximately 2:08 a.m. on that date, according to the Colorado Springs Police Department, officers were dispatched to the area of Pikes Peak Avenue and Farragut Avenue on a report of shots fired.

Here's a look at the area near the crime scene.

Upon their arrival, officers found a juvenile male subsequently identified as Smith.

He was suffering from a gunshot wound.

Smith was rushed to a nearby hospital, but he didn't respond to treatment. He was pronounced dead at the facility.

Multiple witnesses were interviewed in the immediate aftermath of the gunfire, and by that evening, the CSPD had three suspects in custody.

The first was Rogan, a Facebook friend of Smith's. Here's one photo from Rogan's page....

...and a third:

Also busted was Riccardo Kirven, 31 — a Facebook friend of Rogan's, though not of Smith. He's known on Facebook as Ricky.

Rogan and Kirven were arrested on suspicion of murder in the first degree.

And the third person in custody? Raymond Rogan, Sr., Rogan's dad. He's being held on suspicion of accessory to first-degree murder and tampering with evidence.

The investigation is continuing, but the CSPD points out that "no additional arrests are expected at this time." Smith's was the twelfth homicide in the Springs in 2015.

Look below to see booking photos for Kirven and the Rogans, followed by the KRDO-TV piece.

In the meantime, our condolences to the friends, family and loved ones of Desmond Smith.

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