Affidavit: Kristen Smith fakes pregnancy, steals half-sister's baby, leaves him behind gas station

The story told in the arrest affidavit of Denver's Kristen Rose Smith is so bizarre that it seems more like fiction than fact. But authorities in Wisconsin stand by their account, which states that Smith faked a pregnancy, kidnapped Kayden Powell, the days-old baby of her half-sister, and then left the infant behind a gas station as police moved in.

The baby is fine, thank goodness. The same can't be said of Smith, however. Get details and see photos, a video and the complete affidavit below.

The affidavit was submitted under the auspices of the FBI, since Kayden was transported across state lines, making the kidnapping a federal crime.

At 4:30 a.m. on February 6, according to the document, cops in Beloit, Wisconsin were dispatched to a home on the 800 block of Homeland Court on a report that a four-day-old baby was missing.

The boy's mother -- referred to as "BM" in the arrest report but identified by 7News as Brianna Marshall -- told officers that she discovered Kayden missing from his bassinet a few hours after her half-sister, Smith, had planned to leave for a drive back to Denver, her home.

Then, around 4:54 a.m., Smith called Marshall's grandmother, who was also on hand, and the phone was passed to one of the officers.

In that conversation, Smith, who was en route to Denver at the time, allegedly said Marshall, her boyfriend and the baby were planning a move to Colorado to live with her.

She added that she had some of Kayden's clothes with her, but not the infant himself.

In response, the officer told Smith to pull over at the nearest gas station and wait for police to come and question her about the disappearance.

Just under a half-hour later, at 5:21 a.m., Smith called back to say she was at a gas station off Highway 80 in West Branch, Iowa, and within minutes, she was being interviewed by an officer there.

Smith subsequently gave the officer permission to search her ride. He found the aforementioned baby clothes, plus a car seat, a stroller and a "prosthetic pregnancy belly."

But the baby was nowhere to be seen.

Continue for more about the arrest of Kristen Smith, including more photos, a video and the arrest affidavit.
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