After Bears' brutal thumping by the Bengals, do some of you still like Jay Cutler more than Kyle Orton?

Last week, Fox Sports' Tim Ryan insisted that Jay Cutler was worth everything the Chicago Bears gave the Denver Broncos to get him even though Cutler had only racked up a 3-2 record at that point this season, as opposed to a 6-0 mark for Kyle Orton, the QB the Broncos got in the trade. Our blog about Ryan stirred some passionate debate -- but I wonder if the pro-Cutler forces will be a little less positive after yesterday, when the Cincinnati Bengals absolutely destroyed the Bears, 45-10.

Cutler's completion percentage -- 26 of 37 -- was actually pretty impressive, and his 251-yard total can't be described as an embarrassment. On top of that, he seemed confident and in control even when he was throwing not one, not two, but three interceptions and mishandling two snaps. In fact, he almost always appears to have more command than Orton. But here's the problem: He either makes idiotic throws that can cost his team wins or he fails to take his game to another level when the pressure's on, unlike Drew Brees, who brought the Saints all the way back from a Bears-size deficit yesterday. Sure, it'd be great if Cutler's raw skill and Orton's ability to avoid gaffes could be combined. But if forced to choose between the two of them this year, anyhow, the limited player who doesn't commit costly errors looks like a much better bet than the mega-talented one who regularly makes stupid decisions.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.