All that Jazz

The last time I'd driven by the Blue Corn Lounge, on the corner of 38th and Perry in northwest Denver, it was around 1 a.m. on a Saturday. In the parking lot, a massive dude stood between two maniacally gesturing females. It looked like he was trying to mediate a burgeoning chick fight -- which I'm sure he'd also had a hand in inspiring. The heated confrontation provoked me and Sweetie to circle the block just to rubber neck a little more. (Not that we're all about violence or anything; we're just busybodies like that.)

Anyhow, after that I filed the Blue Corn Lounge as an intriguing roughneck neighborhood dive along the lines of the Viking on Colfax, one just begging to be staked out by me and my voyeuristic crew. And then I promptly forgot about the joint all together.

Well, that was last summer, the Blue Corn is no more and that scene -- along with anything even remotely like it -- is not likely to be replayed anytime soon at 3930 West 38th Avenue. This address is now home to El Chapultepec Too, which opened this weekend and attracts an, ahem, decidedly different clientele. It's hard to imagine any sort of tomfoolery going down over here.

Fortunately, El Chapultepec Too offers a spectacle that's every bit as entertaining as I imagine the Blue Corn was -- and a lot more respectable. I was impressed when I stopped by this past Saturday evening and watched some kickass jazzbos absolutely throw down.

While it would be impossible to compare -- much less compete -- with the original venue at 20th and Market, a room as seminal as it is legendary, this new club has an appeal of its own. Thanks to plentiful parking and considerably more space -- which will no doubt appeal to the suburban soldiers -- Chapultepec Too makes it easy to overlook any lack of urban grit. And with the welcoming, bright blue paint job, the neo-deco prints adorning the walls, the spacious bar and the friendly waitstaff -- and despite the giant neon Broncos' sign and the pair of TVs hung high and tuned to sports -- I'm confident that Chapultepec Too will stand on its own. -- Dave Herrera

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Dave Herrera
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