Allen Iverson: Denver fans wish you luck -- but not too much tonight

Allen Iverson is expected to suit up tonight as the Philadelphia 76ers, his once and future squad, take on your Denver Nuggets -- one of three squads to sign him after he left Philly in 2006. And despite the negativity surrounding Iverson after he did the Brett Favre dance (retiring, then promptly unretiring), most Nuggets backers hope he acquits himself well -- although not well enough to win his latest debut.

Fans in Detroit and Memphis probably feel differently -- and even some 76ers supporters grew tired of what they perceived to be a me-first attitude that's debated in this TNT interview with John Thompson, his former college coach at Georgetown. But as we wrote a few weeks back, Iverson gave Coloradans no reason to dislike him. Granted, he wasn't a great fit -- not nearly as good as Chauncey Billups is. But he did his best to share the ball more than his reputation suggested, he played hard every night, and he was never a distraction. In short (which he is -- inspiringly so), he was Good Allen for his two years in powder blue, and he deserves to go out on his terms. Hope he gets the chance -- after the Nuggets win tonight, that is.

See the rest of his interview with Thompson below.

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