Allen Iverson's advice to America's youth: "Don't try to be like Allen Iverson"

With prodigy J.R. Smith suspended for the first seven games of the 2009-2010 season thanks to his guilty plea in a New Jersey crash that killed one of his friends (and for which Smith served jail time), the Nuggets could use some help at guard. And a prominent one's available: Allen Iverson.

Not that a return would be in anyone's best interest: The Iverson experiment didn't work out in Denver, unlike the AI-for-Chauncy Billups trade, which succeeded beyond anyone's reasonable expectations. But Iverson was a solid citizen while in Colorado, and fans who wish him the best may well be bummed to see this free agent at the low point captured in the clip above. In conversation with former teammate Eric Snow, he stresses that his desire for a championship outweighs considerations such as a starting role, adding that if a young person came to him for advice, he'd tell him, "Don't try to be like Allen Iverson. Be better than Allen Iverson." This attitude should convince someone to give Iverson a comeback shot before too long -- and he deserves it.

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