America is waking up to the idea that the Broncos don't suck

So I was sitting in an A&W in Virginia on Sunday when I received a text from one of my daughters: The Broncos were tied with the Patriots in overtime. Because my cheap phone isn't Internet-enabled, that meant my only chance of hearing the action was the radio in my rented Kia -- a long shot at best, given my location. But I gave it a try anyhow, and after switching to AM, I set the tuner at the beginning of the dial -- and within seconds, to my shock and excitement, I picked up a broadcast of the game in time to hear the call of Matt Prater booting the winning field goal.

Luck? Sure -- but it was also an indication that members of the national press, who were as filled with doubts about the Broncos 3-0 start as many Coloradans were (me included), are now full-fledged believers. Such attention brings a different kind of pressure, especially considering the looming Monday nighter against dickish Philip Rivers and the Chargers. Then again, there are also plenty of rewards -- like the chance for a fan to celebrate in an A&W parking lot 1,500 miles from home.

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