Anastasia Adair accidentally kills herself with new assault rifle

On a day when representatives of more than fifty county sheriffs will hold a news conference announcing a lawsuit against Colorado's new gun-control laws comes a tragic reminder of how dangerous semi-automatic weapons can be -- even to those who own them.

The victim: Anastasia Adair, 22, who appears to have shot and killed herself while showing off her new assault rifle, thought to be an AK-47.

Adair's Facebook page depicts a woman very much in love with her husband, Shane "Dana" Adair, a tattoo artist with 5280ink. Here's one photo of them together....

...and here's another: Anastasia is described as a "new gun enthusiast" by 7News, which notes that she purchased an assault rifle at Denver's massive Tanner Gun Show this past March. Federal Heights Police Department Lieutenant Gary Toldness says he's not sure the specific make of the weapon, but said it resembled an AK-47. Here's a look at one variation of the weapon: The shooting took place on Tuesday evening, when the Adairs and two friends were hanging out and sharing drinks in the garage at the couple's home, located on the 10000 block of Eliot Street. Around 10:40 p.m., Anastasia headed to a second-floor bedroom to get the rifle, and as she was coming down the stairs, she held out the rifle to Shane with the barrel apparently pointing toward her.

At that point, the gun fired, striking her in the head, then a second time as she fell. Shane caught her in his arms -- and while an ambulance raced to the scene, medical assistance couldn't save her. She was pronounced dead at Denver Health.

An investigation of the shooting is going forward, but at this point, there's no evidence to suggest that what took place is anything other than a terrible example of such a weapon's lethality.

Our condolences to Adair's family, friends and loved ones.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.