"You stop that protesting right now or I will turn this press conference around!"

And the recipient of the first DNC protest is ... Nancy Pelosi!

This email just came from Westword Editorial Operations Manager Jane Le:

I attended the Nancy Pelosi book signing at the Tattered Cover yesterday, and there were PROTESTERS there. The first one was whisked away so quickly - and neatly - that the second one just stood up and gave himself over to the whiskers (although he kept ranting loudly as he was being escorted out). When we left about fifteen minutes later, there were 4 or 5 cops standing guard on the TC's second floor. The second guy also yelled something that sounded like "Your party's gonna lose" on his way out, but I can't be sure. He said somebody was gonna lose, but I'm not sure who!

When we left, there were people on the corner of 16th and Wynkoop handing out Ralph Nader fliers.

Using the handy protester taxonomy published in this week's Westword, Le identifies the first protester as "Anti-Abortion" since he was quoting Bible versus and the second protester and "anywhere from the Upper-Middle-Class-Radical to Anarchist." The Naderites could likely be categorized as Nostalgic Hippies.

Send protester sightings to Jared Jacang Maher and we'll put 'em up here. -- Jared Jacang Maher

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