Andrea Merida: Third attempt to recall controversial Denver school board member gets go-ahead

A third attempt to initiate a recall of controversial Denver Public Schools boardmember Andrea Merida has been given the go-ahead. The three southwest Denver voters who asked for the recall now have sixty days to collect 4,342 signatures from voters in that district. If they succeed, the recall will go to the ballot, where voters will be asked whether they want to replace Merida and with whom.

Merida, however, says she's not worried.

Merida was the subject of our recent feature, "Andrea Merida's Classroom Behavior Has Earned Her a Seat Apart on the Denver School Board." In the story, she addresses the origins of the recall attempts.

The first attempt to recall Merida failed. So did the second attempt at her recall. Both were spearheaded by community activist Jose Silva, who doesn't live in Merida's district but who recruited three voters who do to submit the necessary paperwork, which they did again Tuesday.

"I still don't think its likely he's going to be successful," she says of Silva. If he is, voting on Merida's recall is likely to require a special election. "In his unwillingness to wait until a regular election, this is going to end up costing Denver taxpayers probably around $100,000. So it's continued irresponsibility on his part."

The Denver Elections Division sent out an e-mail shortly after 6 p.m. Thursday announcing that this latest attempt at a recall petition was successful.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.