Andy Torri, KBCO Studio C engineer, victim of Clear Channel firing days after new disc's release

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Torri is best known among music scenesters as a longtime associate of Big Head Todd and the Monsters. His page on credits him as an engineer, producer and even photographer on a slew of the band's albums, including 1991's Midnight Radio and 1994's Strategem. He also contributed to recordings by acts such as Rubber Planet, Hazel Miller and Mick Brown.

His connection with Studio C and the namesake CDs is explained on the KBCO page featuring program director Scott Arbough's liner notes for the 20th edition of the series. A now-out-of-date excerpt reads:
In April of 2000 I was promoted to KBCO Program Director and no longer had the time to engineer Studio C sessions. Andy Torri had been assisting with engineering in Studio C for many years. He stepped up and became the KBCO Studio C Engineer and continues in that role today.
The artists who took part in the sessions during the period when Torri oversaw them include Sting, Coldplay, Stevie Nicks, Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, Elvis Costello and many, many more.

The 24th edition of Studio C, benefiting the Boulder County AIDS Project and the Food Bank of the Rockies, went on sale at the beginning of this month, and even though physical CDs aren't nearly as in-demand as they were when the series started, they're already sold out. Their popularity is due, no doubt, to the good causes and the participation of acts such as Mumford & Sons, Wilco and Jimmy Cliff. But Torri definitely did his part, too -- which only makes what happened to him career-wise only a few days later that much more unfortunate.

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