Angie Zapata.
Angie Zapata.

Angie Zapata: Local filmmaker capturing life of transgender teen in doc Photos of Angie

Photos of Angie, a documentary about the life and death of transgender Greeley teen Angie Zapata, is one step closer to being finished. Alan Dominguez of Loco Lane Films has now added a score performed by Denver School of the Arts grad Mackenzie Gault of the Flobots. Check out the trailer below -- and keep an eye out for Weld County DA Ken Buck, who lost his tight Senate race this week, talking about why he decided to prosecute Angie's murder as a hate crime.

The documentary also features members of Angie's family, GLBT activists, state lawmakers and a cameo by yours truly talking about the trial of Angie's killer, which Westword blogged live.

Photos of Angie - Day 1 from Alan Dominguez on Vimeo.

More from our News archive: "Seven unanswered questions about the trial of Angie Zapata's killer."


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