Another Perfect Day in Denver, before the economy went to hell

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a look at the way Denver attempted to sell Denver back in 2002, when the International Chamber of Commerce's 34th World Congress took place here. Entitled

Another Perfect Day in Denver

, the video, produced by the Mayor's Office of Economic Development & International Trade, is narrated by John Elway, who happily delivers lines that can be cheesy figuratively and literally; at one point, he holds up a sandwich and declares, "Denver's where the cheeseburger was invented. Enough said!" Other participants include a parade of celebrities from the recent past: then-Broncos coach Mike Shanahan, then-Colorado Rockies chairman Jerry McMorris, then-mayor Wellington Webb, plus lots of telecom execs before recessionary downturns and layoffs had dented their optimism and lowered their bottom line. Though it was made just seven years ago, it already feels like a memento from a long-ago era.

Look below to watch part two.

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