Are the Rockies too pleased by All-Star recognition?

Sure, it's great that both Brad Hawpe and Jason Marquis made the All-Star team as representatives of the Colorado Rockies. Moreover, an argument can be made that both Aaron Cook and Huston Street deserved to receive nods as well -- a testament to the improvement the squad's made since its putrid start to the 2009 campaign. But something's been lost amid the media hoopla and self-congratulations over this achievement: This past weekend, the Rockies managed to drop two of three at home to the National League West cellar-dwelling Arizona Diamondbacks -- and in each of these losses, the Rocks gave up late-inning runs to seal their doom. If the Rockies are truly a serious contender for a playoff slot (most likely a wild-card bid given the lead the Los Angeles Dodgers hold over them at present), they must beat the mediocre squads on the road and especially in the supposedly friendly environs of Coors Field. If they can't do so consistently, their exciting run over the past several weeks, as well as the well-deserved attention Hawpe and Marquis have received, will be little more than welcome anomalies amid another lost season.

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