Arizona already sending alien substances across border!

There I was yesterday morning, feeling sorry for all the residents of Arizona who didn't get a chance to vote on that state's show-me-your-papers, anti-illegal immigration legislation and are now feeling as ostracized as Coloradans were after the voters of this state did approve the anti-gay-rights Amendment 2.

And Colorado became the Hate State.

For the four years between when that constitutional amendment passed and the U.S. Supreme Court shot it down in 1996, Colorado was boycotted by conventions and vilified by late-night comics. We can feel Arizonans' pain. So how do our neighbors to the southwest thank us? By sending a sneak attack across the border.

After my pity party for Arizona, I walked outside yesterday morning to find that an early morning snowstorm in metro Denver had melted quickly, but left behind an alien substance: a sticky film of red dust that came not from a volcano in Iceland but the deserts of Arizona, according to meteorologists.

Thanks, but we'd rather get some of those conventioneers who are now canceling their meetings in Arizona, the new hate state.

Just wipe your feet at the border.

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