Art community riled up over loss of Mary Chandler's Rocky Mountain News column

With the closing of the Rocky Mountain News last week, many in the community -- other than Jared Polis, of course -- have been disappointed, if not downright angry. This is definitely the case in the art community, which is reeling from the loss of Mary Chandler's excellent art column and her conscientious reporting on the realms of art and architecture.

This situation has led to a grassroots e-mail campaign directed at Greg Moore, editor of the Denver Post, urging him to hire Chandler as a way of improving the surviving daily's art coverage. Moore himself has acknowledged having received "hundreds" of them in an e-mail, but he explains there's no money to hire Chandler.

This e-mail flood is different from most efforts of this sort, because there's no organization, like Focus on the Family or the Teamsters, revving up their membership to participate. No, it's happened spontaneously, and it has been spread through word of mouth, with just about everyone who's heard about it taking up the cause.

Chandler herself is flattered by this clear expression of the high regard in which she's held by so many, but she feels it's for naught. "I've worked at newspapers all my life," she says, "and these kinds of things never work."

Well, you can't blame people for trying. Click "Continue" to read the Moore e-mail.

From: Moore, Greg [mailto:GMoore@Denverpost.com]

Sent: Monday, March 02, 2009 1:44 PM

Subject: RE: Dialogue

Thank you for your note. I have received literally hundreds, which is unfortunate because I cannot answer them all, and email campaigns like this really tie up my computer. I have read Mary and think she is great. So that is not an issue. It is a financial one. If things change and we are able to hire such an outstanding writer, we would certainly try. Thanks for your email.

Pass this one around if you might.



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