Artist who punk'd Re-create 68 reveals his identity

The original "We'll Beat You Again" flier.

In "Artist's Prank Punks Re-create 68, Other Activists," a More Messages blog published on July 10, an anonymous artist admitted to having created fliers e-mailed to Democratic National Convention groups such as Re-create 68, which threatened retribution against protesters. He shared information about this elaborate stunt with Westword mere hours before Re-create 68 frontman Glenn Spagnuolo was scheduled to accuse rogue police officers of being behind the mailing at a press conference staged outside the office of Denver's Independent Monitor.

Today, the artist in question is anonymous no more. He is Pete Bergman, who's been featured in Westword twice in recent years; check out this 2004 article about what he referred to as "a drive-by art show" and a May 2008 blog about a stunt involving Qwest phone books. Moreover, he posted a long letter to the July blog; it's also reproduced below. In the missive, which is addressed to Spagnuolo, he explains his reasoning and takes responsibility for his actions.

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