Ask a Mexican: Readers Respond to Dickhead in Denver

Dear Readers: The Mexican is currently in the rancho, scheming about how to get close enough to Donald Trump to smear a bean burrito in his face — HA! But I did want to share two cosas. A couple weeks back, I published a letter from one Dickhead in Denver, who asked eight pendejo questions, from why Mexicans are so fat to why Mexicans aren’t good in math. Your humble paisa easily knocked him down, but so did many of ustedes in letters sent to me — chingao!

One I wish I could quote directly, but let’s just say that an executive from a major American company told me that his business hires more engineers from Mexico than from the United States, then showed me the numbers to prove it — chingao! The following letter is one I’m allowed to share in its entirety:

Dear Mexican: I taught as an intern and as a substitute teacher in Albuquerque for two years. The kids from Mexico were better in math, science and language skills (Spanish, of course) than local kids, and in one of the classes where I acted as a teaching assistant, five of them were placed in advanced classes the following year. Where the kids got screwed up was a threefold thing: 1. Dealing with “cooperative learning” crap: They were used to traditional methods, with the teacher in front of the class and the kids listening, taking notes, etc. When you broke them up into groups, problems began. 2. Learning a new language. 3. Pressure from idiot local Hispanic/Latino kids who ridiculed them and sometimes beat them up because they were diligently trying to learn, and pressure at home from parents who were also dealing with a number of issues. Le tengo odio a mitoteros/mentirosos como Dickhead. “Todo el día, tuercen mis palabras.” — Salmos 56.5.
’Burque Babe

For those who don’t habla, the maestra said, “I hate nosy idiots/liars like Dickhead. ‘All day long, they twist my words.’ — Psalms 56:5.” Biblical retribution? Chingao! See, America? Mexicans come to this country all perfect and precious — and it’s this country that destroys them by making them become Americans.

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Gustavo Arellano
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