Ask a Stoner

Ask a Stoner: Grow Your Own and Name It, Too

Dear Stoner: If I breed a new strain from a male and female plant, can I name it whatever I want? Is there any sort of convention to follow?
Bob the Breeder

Dear Bob: You are free to name it whatever you come up with — no matter how stupid that name may be. (Pussy Kush, anyone?) There's no convention, though combining parts of the names of the parent strains is a common way to go about it. Blue Cheese, for example, is a cross of Blue Dream and U.K. Cheese. That said, for a completely original name, we've always thought that Breathes Breath sounds good rolling off the tongue.

Dear Stoner: I tried your homebrew cannabis-beer infusion, did some math, and figured out that by multiplying the percentage of THC by the number of grams, I could come up with the amount of milligrams I had. I bought a few eighths and mixed in two teaspoons of vodka for each 15 milligrams of pot that I had and put those in my saison. I made a Sour Diesel saison, and it's pretty great. It's an inexpensive way to make an edible. I also found it goes to your head kind of quick because it's in the alcohol, and it's absorbed by your mouth and stomach really well. So thanks a lot for the tip!
Mark From Mayfair

Dear Mark: Great to hear. We've told the receptionist up front to be expecting a few bottles of your next batch...for highly scientific personal testing purposes, of course.

Dear Stoner: What happened to Toke of the Town?
Tim the Tokester

Dear Tim: Many of you know Toke of the Town as the weekly e-mail pot newsletter that comes from, and that is still very much alive. But our corporate group of papers had also used the name for a national website devoted to all things pot — and the plug was pulled on that project at the end of 2014 in order to concentrate resources on our award-winning local marijuana coverage. If you're interested in keeping up with what the other Voice Media Group cities are covering cannabis-wise, the Toke of the Town Facebook page will continue posting daily news links. Meanwhile, watch for increased cannabis coverage at

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William Breathes
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