Aspiring Rapper Donte Beasley Busted in Pot-Toking Invite Turned Armed Robbery

"Bitch, you fuck around, you fuck around, you fuck around, get smoked."

These are among the lyrics of a song by Donte Beasley, an aspiring rapper — and now an arrestee in a late-night robbery at a Brighton motel.

In the incident, a man was allegedly lured to the location by an invitation from two women to smoke pot — at which point a man robbed him at gunpoint and smashed him in the face prior to a collision that precipitated the quartet of suspects' capture.

Beasley's Facebook page is dominated by promotional images and sound files from his musical career.

In fact, his most recent post, a song entitled "Trapaholic I," was shared at 6:40 p.m. on April 19, mere hours before what went down in Brighton.

Here's the clip:

Also on view are ultra-low-budget videos like this one....

...and this one, featuring the lyrics quoted above:

As for what happened later on the 19th, the account from the Bright Police Department goes as follows.

Officers were dispatched to a Best Western motel at 15151 Brighton Road just before midnight on a report of a robbery, the BPD notes.

Upon their arrival, they found two vehicles that had bashed into each other in the motel's parking lot, as well as a man who said he'd just been robbed.

The victim told cops that a short time earlier, he'd met two women at a Sonic restaurant across the street.

Get a better idea of the proximity between the motel and the restaurant in this interactive graphic of the area. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View on Google Maps."

There, he said the women, later identified as Bridget Lesperance and Tahlea Navarro, invited him back to the motel to smoke some marijuana.

They initially congregated in a public area on the third floor of the motel. But when the women said they were uncomfortable blazing inside the Best Western, police say they headed to the man's car, which he moved at their behest into the motel's parking lot near a white Impala.

Moments later, the BPD account maintains that the women left, saying they wanted to get cigarettes — at which point a man opened the passenger door, pointed a gun at the victim and demanded cash.

The victim told cops he initially claimed not to have any dough — a statement that allegedly earned him a smack in the head. The gunman subsequently took what's described as an undisclosed amount of money and climbed into the Impala with the two women.

They didn't get far. The victim crashed his car into the Impala, prompting the gunman, the two women and a second man who'd been driving to flee the scene on foot.

The two men, identified as Beasley and Xavier Johnson, were rounded up near the motel. So, too, was one of the women, while the other one was located by cops near 27th and Bromley Lane with the assistance of deputies from the Adams County Sheriff's Office.

Beasley, Navarro, Lesperance and Johnson were busted on suspicion of aggravated robbery and conspiracy to commit a class 3 felony. On top of that, the BPD says Lesperance is named in several outstanding warrants and had an unlawful controlled substance on her person.

Sounds like the makings of quite a song.

Look below to see booking photos for Beasley, Navarro, Lesperance and Johnson.

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